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Wikipedia Review: A composition about my Wikipedia career 十二月 3, 2015

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Me after 20 years

This essay is in a hundred words.
It was a sunny day with moderate wind. Wikimedia conferred the Senior Editor title to me and appraise my works in editing the Far East Library1. Being afraid for having an car incident and dying, I only used my reward to buy a bicycle. I rode on that bicycle with Miss Taeyeon. The road is narrow and crowded with her fans, making it hard for our bike to proceed.
I got a phone call from Mr. Jimbo Wales. He congratulated me and praised me for being a role model among my colleagues.
I got another one from Peking. The Propaganda chief asked me to work for the President under the Propaganda Department and the Party History Research Center with a salary of ten thousand yuan. I declined and hung it up, but at least then I wouldn’t need to admire for those who have great achievements for Wikipedia and live well.
We parked our bike at Victoria Park for a walk. We saw an old woman walking with a crutch, withered and hobbled.
“Remember your teacher?"
“Ms XXXX2, How dare can I! Please forgive me for being disrespectful!"

How dare can you use this to slander me? Evil indeed! 30 strokes!

1: The project is under Chinese Wikisource, but at present in a extremely slow process.
2: The surname is omitted due to privacy.